• Image of BARON MUNCHAUSEN by Kid Acne

Artist: Kid Acne

3 colour hand-pulled screenprint
300gsm stock
Edition of ​10
Signed, numbered and embossed​

Kid Acne is a UK-based artist, illustrator, print-maker and emcee.

His formative years were spent writing graffiti, self-publishing fanzines and making experimental hip-hop – invariably designing and printing the record sleeves by hand.

The combination of these interests informed the development of his own unique aesthetic, first documented in the seminal Scrawl tome (Booth-Clibborn Editions, 1999).

A stalwart of the international Street Art movement, Kid Acne has painted large-scale murals across continents and exhibited extensively over the past two decades.

Currently, his work can be seen throughout the globe; from wheat-pastes in Melbourne, to gallery shows in Los Angeles and animations online.

And he still has acne.


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